Stephanie & Ryan

October 19, 2019Detroit, MI

Our Story
How We Met

Stephanie and Ryan first met in May, 2013 as Summer interns at Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan on orientation day. Coincidentally, out of the 200+ interns, they were 2 of the 4 interns who worked in the same department and on the same floor. With no mutual friends, they became good friends as they ate lunch together, went on coffee breaks, worked on projects, and kept each other sane throughout the Summer. After the internship, Stephanie went back to CMU to finish her last year and a half of undergrad while Ryan became a contractor at BCBSM. Staying in touch throughout the months, it wasn’t until almost a year later in Fall, 2014 when Ryan initiated dinner to catch up. Dinner at Bar Louie in Livonia and three hours later, it was safe to say the catch up was a success. Ryan later took Stephanie out on their first date to a Red Wings game a month later, and the rest is history!

The Proposal

When we started dating, we made a goal to try to travel to a new domestic location every year to experience new adventures. In 2018, we decided to travel to Maine after hearing suggestions from friends and researching the different seafood restaurants and views of Acadia National Park. In the relationship, Ryan has always been the planner, and as he does for any trip, he reads blogs, researches and leverages Yelp to create an itinerary for Maine. We packed our bags and were off to Maine on Friday, August 3rd. After landing, we first drove to Bar Harbor where we made it to Cadillac Mountain Summit in Acadia National Park to watch the sunset. Ryan pulled out his new tripod to take pictures of us in the sunset, which I made fun of prior to our trip. But, after getting there and seeing how practical it was, the pictures turned out amazing! The following morning, we woke up around 6:00am and headed to South Bubble Mountain. As we were hiking and following the trails, I saw the sign that said “South Bubble Mountain” and instantly thought we were at our destination. Meanwhile, Ryan insisted that we weren’t there yet and kept going. When we found “the spot” (that Ryan found in blogs) in South Bubble Mountain that overlooked Jordan Pond, Ryan started to set up the tripod. Using the bluetooth camera clicker with the tripod, we turned to face the pond, then turned forward to smile at the camera, then he took my hands and faced me. He started talking about our relationship and he got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. Of course, I said YES!

The Wedding

Saturday, October 19, 2019
11:30 AM
Attire: Formal
Sweetest Heart of Mary Church
4440 Russell Street, Detroit, MI, 48207, United States
Detroit Yacht Club
1 Riverbank Road, Belle Isle, Detroit, MI

Ceremony: 11:30am

Reception: 5:30pm

Wedding Party

Kaley Hall - Maid of Honor
Julie Fink - Bridesmaid
Kelsey Collins - Bridesmaid
Alexis Iakovidis - Bridesmaid
Kimberly Duffy - Bridesmaid
Katie Osentoski - Bridesmaid
Jessica Balko - Bridesmaid
Kimberly Cooper - Bridesmaid
Jordan Balko - Best Man
Kevin DeKimpe - Groomsman
John Patrico - Groomsman
Adam Douglas - Groomsman
Matthew Faustyn - Groomsman
Brandon Dries - Groomsman
Grant Ehlert - Groomsman
Alex Brantigan - Groomsman